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Meet The Olde Mill!

Every interior designer knows that taking out the walls between the kitchen and living room during a renovation creates a need for something load-bearing and decorative to make the space look great. After all, we’re designers!

Our founder, Richard Ourso, had been fighting with heavy, solid reclaimed wood beams for years trying to give customers the look of real wood they wanted with the support of a true, structural beam.

That’s when the idea for The Olde Mill was born.


A Whole New Way of Designing with Beams

Being a woodworker by trade, Richard began experimenting with a new way of carefully milling reclaimed wood onto an engineered frame. As he refined the process, he found he could get dozens of beams or mantels out of a single piece of reclaimed longleaf pine.

More importantly, the end result was actually a better product than solid beams. These new, box-style ceiling beams were easier to customize to a given length (even up to 25’ without a splice) and significantly easier to retrofit and install.

Plus, the look and feel was more consistent than solid beams.

Easy to customize. Designer-friendly. Less expensive to install.

These new beams opened up a whole new world of design possibilities, making it easier than ever to bring the natural beauty of wood inside your home.


Extending Reclaimed Wood to Other Areas of Your Home

The early success with beams led to the creation of additional products such as floating fireplace mantels, shelves and even corbels. The lighter weight of the new product made it significantly easier to install.

Our floating mantel is now considered a “must-have” among forward-thinking builders and homeowners who want real, reclaimed wood mantels without the hassle of installation associated with solid beams. Plus, they can be stained any color you like.


Custom Products

More recently, The Olde Mill has created a new line of custom products including wine racks, custom countertops, stair parts, nightstands and even vanities.

Please visit the Custom Products section of their website to learn more.