Wallpaper is Back

Wallpaper is back! Wallpaper fell out of popularity, but in the last few years, it is once again becoming a popular alternative to paint. It’s appeal is that, as opposed to painting murals (which depend on the skill of the artist), you can buy funky color patterns, or bold designs, and know that you’ll get a reliable, and hopefully fun, look (as long as you apply the wallpaper well…might want to hire a professional).

There have been advances in how wallpaper is made, and what is used to apply it to the walls. In the past, moisture was a huge concern (especially in humid climates like Louisiana). Moisture could cause the wall paper to peel, mildew could form underneath the paper (which smells), or worse, mold could find a breeding ground on your walls. But a lot of theses issues have been addressed, and wallpaper is back as an attractive option. 

Looking around, it seems like people are designing with wallpaper more reasonably, too. You can have a bold and busy pattern, but soften it up with a matching single color and balancing it with a neutral color like white. This room does it well:

Though a geometric pattern may not be my personal favorite, this room achieves a unique balance, even with the busy wallpaper; the wallpaper isn’t the only accent in the room.

Here are some of Stevi’s favorite patterns:


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