Velvet, Velvet, VELVET!

Few fabrics say luxury quite like velvet. The plush textile, long a staple in the rooms and on the shoulders of royalty, is making a big statement in homes in 2018. A variety of colors and finishes make this fabric incredibly versatile and more relevant than ever. Whether your aesthetic is ultra-modern or fresh and whimsical (or anything in between), velvet can fit right into your home.

Jewel tone velvet can add a pop of color to any room. Mixing it with sleek lines, like the gold frame on these chairs, creates a bold-yet-refined air. 

Pick greens and golds for a touch of the funky 70s that still feels decidedly modern.

Every room in the house can get a little velvet love! These peach chairs add a touch of whimsy to an eclectic dining room setup. Don’t let the space limit you.

This velvet vanity stool, along with this year’s other big trend – bathroom plants, can up your simple bathroom to a spa oasis. 

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