Using Mirrors in a Big Way

Nothing makes an impression like and impressive mirror. Using mirrors in a big way can make a space come alive. Size is often key. You have to think about how the mirror will interact with the rest of the space, as well as how well it is filling the space in which it is placed. A big mirror will really open up a space. Check out how these spaces use mirrors in a big way.

The Mirrored Wall

Mirrored walls are no longer a thing of the past. Everything comes back around, bigger and BETTER than before! Not so sure? These pictures will surely convince you.

The Wall Leaner

Have you heard? The thing these days is to let your GIANT mirror just sit on the floor and lean on the wall. Less stress on you trying to put it up, less stress on the wall trying to hold it up, and it looks great. Win WIN.

The Flank

Flank a doorway, flank a bed, flank a fireplace! And don’t worry, you can still place things in front of the mirror!

The Back Splash

Yes, you read it right, back splash, like in your kitchen!

Simple and Big

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