Design Trends in 2014


Cabinets in 2014 will (and should) tend to be brought all the way up to the ceiling. This will discourage the buildup of dust and needless, cluttered accessories. Think of your grandma’s dusty old china, sitting alone, forgotten, and barely noticed 13 feet in the air, wedged between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Not in 2014! To keep an open feel for your kitchen, glass can be used on the cabinet fronts.


People remodeling in 2014 will be thinking about designing in a lasting way: instead of locking themselves into color patterns and getting stuck with one style, a lot of people will be making flexible, neutral (but still interesting!) bases. Then the style and accent can be determined and changed at will by changing lamps, rugs, centerpieces, etc.


In 2014, designers will move away from safe, boring, dull white walls and towards bold, dramatic blacks. The increasing use of metallic accessories will give a pleasing, and exciting, sharp contrast against the prevailing black walls. For the bold.


In this the age of information acceleration, trend lifespans are shortening. To combat this, designing in 2014 will incorporate more vintage, unique items as accent pieces and centerpieces. An item with a history, or a one-of-a-kind item, will always have a place in a home, and will always be an interesting conversation starter.


Could 2014 finally be the year we sound the death knell for boring, bland beige? Though beige will probably never completely disappear, we can (and should) all always be thinking of bold, vivid alternatives to standard old beige.


2014 will be the year designers mix and match metals, and metal colors, like gold and silver. Brass is taking off as an attractive option and will continue to rise in 2014. Brass can be used in architectural applications or as a finishing detail in furniture, lamps and hanging lights, or accessories.


Velvet was traditionally associated with royalty, as it was extremely expensive due to the long times it took to make velvet. Designers in 2014 will use this class and style to its utmost, employing velvets unique light reflecting properties to bring a unique element to rooms. 

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