Unrestricted DeLight: Oversized Lighting Fixtures

If you’re looking at lighting fixtures and thinking “This is going to be too big,” you’re probably wrong! In this day and age, don’t be afraid to be bold. Large scale, big, over-sized, bright, and colorful light fixtures make statements. They get noticed. Grand room = grand fixture. Small room = small fixture, right? Not always true.

If you’re still on board, just remember: balance is key. You don’t want every aspect of your design to be loud and in-charge. Once you’ve picked one element to be the focal point, use other elements in the room, like furniture and accessories, to compliment it.

Types of Lighting

It’s fundamental that every space have layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient is your general lighting. It is not there to catch your attention but to provide necessary light to see.

Task is your practical lighting. This is for specific tasks, like a desk light.

Finally, accent lighting, is your aesthetic lighting. While it does bring needed light to a space, it’s main role is for creating focal points, casting light on focal points, and even directional lighting.

Lighten Up

When using lighting to define a focal point, it is important to consider the size and scale of the light fixture to the room within which it is being hung. You want to put a fixture in that is big but doesn’t overwhelm the space.

It is important to always consider clearances (from the floor, or the tops of counters), but as long as the fixtures fit within those perimeters, you don’t need to restrict the size of light. If you really want to create a focal, a large fixture can really have an impact.

Here is a collection of rooms that show just how deLIGHTful a large scale fixture can be in a space!

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