Trend Alert: Transparent Wine Storage

Ever since humans discovered fermentation, people have experimented with new methods of brewing, bottling, and storing their alcoholic beverages. As our technology and tastes evolved, so did these methods.

(Mostly) gone are the years of keeping wine in underground caves. These days it’s all about transparent wine rooms and cellars.

It’s easy to see why this is on trend. It’s literally easy to see! Part of the fun of having a wine collection is, after all, showing it off. Transparency allows you and your guests to admire your wares while keeping them climate controlled.

This works especially well when your wine racks are embedded or adjacent to an existing space. We’ve been seeing the space under flights of stairs (AKA the “spandrel”) as a cool-looking and space-saving way to incorporate wine storage.

If you want to combine modern and rustic styles, consider wooden wine racks enclosed by paneled glass or acrylic.

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