Trend Alert: Texture in Marbling

Marbling is the art of printing multi-colored swirled or stone-like patterns on paper or fabric. The patterns are formed by first floating the colors on the surface of a liquid, and then laying the paper or fabric onto the colors to absorb them. (It is not at all the same art as faux marbre, or faux finishes, which involves painting a marble-like finish directly onto walls, columns, or furniture.)  We love the wallpaper shown above that mimics this same ancient marbling technique.  We are seeing this texturing being applied to all sorts of home decor items such as bowls, plates, planters, rugs, wall surfaces, etc and have even seen this trend show up in fashion!

Here is a youtube video that shows the intricate process of marbling.

Here are a few examples of paper marbling translated into interior design decor:

And our designers’ picks:

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