Trend Alert: Ombre Interiors

White was the most popular home interior color in 2017, but in 2018, its popularity is slowly starting to… fade. Color is inching back into homes, and one of the freshest ways it is being incorporated is in ombre interiors. This style, inspired by your favorite millenial hair color technique, shows off the best of two colors by gradually fading out from one color to the other. Here’s some tips for using the “ombre effect” in your own home.

Statement Wall 

Time to break out the paint can! A statement wall is a great way to draw the eye to your new style. For the best overall look with minimal fuss, choose colors that compliment the existing space.


If you feel like this trend isn’t here to stay, there’s an easy way for you to use it now and lose it later – accessories. Try incorporating a throw, pillow, or rug for a little pop of color that’s easy to change once the next trend comes! 

Subtle Can Be Better 

If you want to use a lighter touch when incorporating this trend, either choose two colors that already complement one another or get shades that are on the softer side. The finished piece or wall will still have the trademark ombre fade, but the look won’t be quite as dramatic.

Until It Isn’t 

Go big or go home, right? If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, choose colors that contrast one another. Bright citrus and ice cream colors can give you a playful, summer-y look just in time for the hot weather.

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