Trend Alert: Neon Lights

If you had asked us a year ago what would be the biggest decorating trends of 2018, neon lights would have been pretty far down the list. In fact, it wouldn’t have been on the list at all. The fixtures had been decreasing in popularity over the past decade, with more inexpensive LED lights replacing them above restaurants, bars, and businesses.

But neon lights are having a big moment. After an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians showed the huge neon sculpture above Kourtney Kardashian’s bed, the lights’ popularity has exploded.

It’s easy to see the appeal of neon lights. They’re vibrant colors and whimsical nature make them a great addition to any room. With the number of businesses producing these little lights rising every day, you’re sure to find a neon light that fits your budget and your style.

If you’re thinking about incorporating this trend in your own home, here’s a couple of rules to keep in mind:

Let the lights be the focus

Neons are always going to draw the eye. Their bright colors and whimsical configuration mean that other accessories or decorations in the room will play second fiddle. To keep your space harmonious, don’t put neons too close to anything with a busy print or pattern. Solid colors and natural materials are the best choices when it comes to displaying your fixture.

Make it personal 

It is inevitable that guests will ask about your new neon sign. The vibrancy of the pieces make them great conversation starters. You need to be prepared to explain your choice, whether it be a phrase or an icon.

Choose something that has a great story. Do you really like Walt Whitman quotes? Have you always wanted to open a cabana bar? Be prepared to explain your choices each and every time you have friends or family over.

Experiment with color 

In the past 100 years, the only real advance in neon sign technology is the widening of the fixtures’ color palette. The original neon signs were only available in reddish orange (the color neon produces), but, now, there is a whole rainbow of colors at your disposal. White neon lights are popular, but you can also do yellow, magenta, chartreuse, and any colors in between.

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