• Richard L. Ourso

Trend Alert: Master Bath Wet Rooms

Master bath wet rooms are growing in popularity and it's easy to see why. Eliminating bathtime barriers and emphasizing simplicity can enhance your open floor plan and make your self-care days even more relaxing.

A wet room is essentially a curbless shower with no screen divider, although some still opt for some glass to protect the rest of the bathroom from occasional water spillage.

Wet room bathrooms ditch a shower tray and instead allow the water to drain through a tiled floor. It is recommended that the floor be installed on a gradient of at least 50mm to allow for adequate drainage. If you want to take it one step further, install underfloor heating to evaporate any remaining water.

The benefits of a wet room bathroom? Well, for one, it looks fantastic. The openness of this trend can make your bathroom feel bigger than it actually is, which can add value to your home. This design can also free up space in smaller bathrooms where every inch counts.

Furthermore the additional waterproofing that goes into creating a wet room can ensure more space in your bathroom is protected from water. Traditional bathroom layouts only waterproof the shower enclosure.

That additional waterproofing can be a drawback, however. It will take some time and money to ensure your wet room is fully tiled on both the floor and walls. To minimalize splashing, it is recommended to not have a fully open wet room and go for a half glass wall instead. This will maintain that open feeling while protecting the rest of your bathroom from the wet.

All things considered, we wanted to share this trend with you because we love the way it looks and we think it will become more popular as time passes. The minimalist style and ease of access makes for a more relaxing bathroom experience and can add great value to your home.

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