Trend Alert: Drawers over Doors

Redesigning your Kitchen? Now has come the time to make the decision about your storage. You have many options, but one trend that has made a large impact for best ergonomics practices in the kitchen is the choice of Drawers over Doors.

So what makes drawers more efficient than doors? We should note, however, that a combination of all types of storage (shelves, drawers, and cabinets) are often necessary to accomplish maximum efficiency in the kitchen.  But by decreasing the amount of shelving cabinets and increasing the use of drawers you will better make full use of your available cubic space than with shelves, particularly if you are storing small-to-medium sized items of irregular shape and size.


Shelves are best used, for example, when stacking rectangular boxes, or rather tall items. But irregular shaped items cannot be easily stacked, and even if they are stacked, much of the cubic space is wasted. Also we tend to store popular items along the front edge of the shelf which hides and inhibits access to the items in the back. Drawer cabinets allow storage in right-height drawers which can be filled to the top, using all available cubic space. The entire drawer can be utilized ­– front-to-back, side-to-side, and top-to-bottom. For added organization, some drawers can have built-in holders and compartments.

See examples of wasted space below.

Drawers even win ergonomically over roll-outs (which can be behind cabinet doors), taking only one step to open, as opposed to roll-outs, you must open the doors first, then pull the tray. See some impressive kitchen spaces with ample drawer usage below:

This trend hasn’t just impacted the Kitchen but other parts of the house, like Bathrooms and Closets, as well. See examples below:

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