Trend Alert: Dark-Paned Windows

dream house: the front door.

Black-paned windows are IN! Just a little touch of dark paint can add serious drama and style to your space or home. Whether you’re looking for something modern and show-stopping or traditional and elegant, black-paned windows can be a great addition to your space.

The reasons for their popularity are ten-fold. Black is a “forgiving color,” hiding dirt and blemishes, and can be styled with pretty much any other color. Think classic black suit, but on your walls. Unlike white, which can sometimes steal the show in a design, black doesn’t compete as much for visual attention. It can be as much at-home in a Victorian mansion as a mid-century house.  It pays to be aware of one potential downside to black window frames: heat absorption. If you’re adding them to a west-facing window, these frames have the potential to raise the temperature of the room significantly, especially during the summer. Of course, this is an upside during the winter! You can have a warmer room without resorting to running the heater at full-blast. 

Take a look at some of these great, dark-paned window looks. 

20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design
oak floors, tufted leather seating + industrial black window panes...

Light wood color and black window casing
black + grey kitchen w/ factory windows [loft cinderela by Brazilian architects AR Arquitetos] In the depths of winter, I learned that there was inside me- an invincible summer... Albert Camus (On days like today- when even in the 'Deep South' it's a balmy 16 degrees- I like to remember Camus sage words... and a warm kitchen filled with light)

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