Trend Alert: Curved Furniture

Back in February when we wrote our article on “5 Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2020,” this wasn’t on the list. However as the year went on we began to notice more and more designs incorporating curved furniture. We love this trend because it ditches hard lines and angles that sometimes create a sense of rigidity and separation. Instead curved furniture, when used right, incorporates a sense of harmony and flow.

We see this trend especially in living room sofas. You might think curved sofas (AKA “crescent” or “conversation” sofas) should be reserved for larger, open areas, but we’re seeing them more and more in small living rooms as well. The curved sofa invokes a sense of intimacy, putting people, face-to-face. This is perfect for those who love to entertain guests.

Again, we love the look of curved furniture because it creates a sense of unity, flow, and in some cases, spontaneity. In any case, curves will to soften the feel of a room. We think this look perfectly compliments the hard angles and lines used in a lot of modern designs.

When designing with curved furniture, we like to see the sofa placed away from any walls, instead floating more toward the middle of a space. Placing one curved sofa opposite another and filling in empty spaces with accent chairs is ideal.

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