our trip to kbis

(the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show)

We arrived in Las Vegas the day before KBIS officially kicked off so we took a little road trip to the Hoover Dam.  Did you know the Hoover Dam was completed 2 years ahead of schedule. If only all kitchen and bath jobs could be that way!  The dam was breathtaking–we were lucky enough to be able to walk across the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which is where the real view was:

Part of KBIS was attending “The Party” and “The Bash” both of which were held at the beautiful Wynn/Encore Hotel.  These hotels are fabulous, see for yourself:

 The show was simply amazing.  Upon entering you are greeted by the legendary red carpet…

Inspiring! All of the ideas and concepts of the show were so fascinating, these are the things that inspired me the most:

We’ve all heard of recycled glass terazzo, but this product particularly caught my eye because each individual product has its own Glass Source Story:

“The world’s largest art glass manufacturer patented a production process referred to as continuous ribbon, and what we know as stained glass. It connotes colorful ribbon candy and the rainbow of colors they produce is equally astounding. Rejects or over-runs of the glass give Millefiori its full bouquet.”

So each pattern comes from a different source, some are made of recycled goblets, skyy vodka bottles, and oyster shells.  We have already ordered a full set of samples and are thrilled to get them!  Click here to read more about this product.

There were a lot of sinks with built-in cutting boards and strainers.

This cabinet pull out is like a lot of other custom made pull outs except its made of glass and sleek metals which give it a modern feel.

 As expected, Lucite was a huge hit again–but this time transitioned into towel bars, bathroom stools and shelving.  We did see more tinted lucite than usual.  We love it!

I love this flowy light fixture!

Where normally you would have a false faced drawer this drawer has the center cut out to allow for piping under your bathroom sink.  No space wasted! 

Metal drawer panels juxtaposed with wood face framing was unexpected, but it works.

What an easy way to make a statement!  This is an interesting alternative to paint or wallpaper, put this over your wall and paint it any color you want.

When we got back from Vegas, our shop hand and blogger, Gus Broussard hung this shelf above my new drawing space.  I love it.  Thanks Gus!

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