Our Designers’ Styles Revealed

Here at Ourso Designs, we are aligned with making your vision a reality. We know what’s hot and what’s not. We specialize in making your spaces more efficient, paralleling your lifestyle, and creating the aesthetic you envisioned. Our services are geared toward you and what you want.

Part of being a good designer is putting aside your own likes and dislikes, and catering to the clients wants and needs. We are wizards at making your dream a reality. But today, we reveal who’s really behind the curtain. Here is a look at each of our designers individual style and personality. Get to know us!


Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer. Certified Aging in Place Specialist. 40 years in the industry. Principal.

Growing up in a full custom millwork shop, I always loved natural woods. We would manufacture cabinets, moldings, doors, windows, shutters, etc., out of the same quality wood. Stained wood cabinets are my preferred choice in most areas of the home. At this time the easiest way to achieve a beautiful kitchen is with white. Adding some color or stained wood to the contrasting island is a nice touch. Wall colors should be very neutral. If you want to add color, do so with fabrics or accessories that can be easily replaced as your taste changes.

I’m not a fan of doors, windows, or trim painted bright white, because it looks so generic. I prefer the look of the trim being darker than the walls.

I am a fan of rustic and reclaimed materials. They provide warmth & comfort like nothing else, and high quality wood grain veneers give a very sleek look. The use of quality natural materials, be it wood, stone, brick, or metal, is a safe bet.


Bachelor Interior Design. Louisiana State University, 2013. Designer.

Since I was little I have always been fascinated with historical architecture. Maybe it was our proximity to the French Quarter, or our own beautiful downtown Baton Rouge. Through school I grew a great appreciation for the clean lines of the mid-century era and contemporary architecture. So ultimately, my personal style is a mash-up of the two. After all, most everything new is a precedent of the past. I love how sociology affects our built environment and fashion over time.

I love bold shapes and imagery, raw and natural materials, and I usually gravitate towards a black and white palette with accents of bold and rich colors. I love the intricacies of the old (like seen in the moldings) mixed with the clean lines of the contemporary furniture and fixtures.


Student of Interior Design, Louisiana State University. Designer.

When it comes to kitchens, one thing I always find myself gravitating toward is multi-colored cabinets. I love the idea of having clean, white upper cabinets with colorful base cabinets, especially cooler toned colors like blues and greens so they can provide a nice contrast with the warm tone of wooden floors.

Also, usually I tend to stick to straight lines and right angles, but recently I have loved the idea of circular mirrors to add some curves to the space. I would put these all over my house!


Student of Architecture, Louisiana State University. Draftsman/Designer.

Coming from an architectural background, I tend to focus on built materials. I’m drawn to styles that are simple and put the materials on display, and interact well with natural light and the environment around them.

The materials that are really inspiring me currently are exposed concrete and unpainted wood. The way the organic and man-made materials interact creates a very calm sense of balance and the experience of being in these kinds of spaces can feel very serene.


Bachelor Mass Communication. Louisiana State University, 2018. Marketing Coordinator.

One book that influenced me a lot growing up was Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, so I’ve had this dream of living like a nomad for a while. I also recently met a few people who converted old vans into livable spaces. The idea really stuck with me because fitting everything you need in a space so small requires so much creativity. Every inch counts. I really like vans with wood paneling, multipurpose furniture, and colors that brighten up a dreary day on the move.

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