Mismatching Upper & Lower Cabinets: How to pull it off!

We know a lot of you out there affected by the flood are trying to save your upper cabinets.  We know it’s not always possible, but for the folks who can we’d like to give you a few pointers on how to pull that look together.

1. Paint the existing upper cabinets white.

2. Have the new lower cabinets match very closely with the uppers or design them to have an intentional juxtaposition.  Not just in color, but in design.

3. Paint the wall color very close to the upper cabinet color.

4. Use tall floor-to-ceiling stacked cabinets to ground the room.

5. For upper cabinets that never touched the ceiling, fur it out to give the look of tall uppers.  Add special moldings to soffits to make them look like an extended part of the cabinetry.  Keep in mind that keeping your soffit/fur down the same color as the upper cabinets helps to draw the eye up and can make your kitchen look taller.

6. Forgo upper cabinets completely, for a streamlined, minimal look or to display dishes, trays, heirlooms and collectibles.

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