Mid-Century What?

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs featuring 17 Captivating Mid-Century Modern Entrance Designs That Simply Invite You Inside.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “mid-century modern,” but do you know how to properly distinguish this style from others? This movement is having a big moment. Thanks to its sleek lines and eco-friendly aesthetic, designers and decorators today are once again embracing the aesthetic.

The mid-century modern aesthetic formed between the 1930s and the mid-1960s. The style grew in the United States through inspiration from styles prior, such as the International style in Germany. With its embodiment of elements of functionality, minimalism, elegance, and traditional and non-traditional styles, it was a hit across the nation. Cara Greenburg, author of Midcentury Modern: Furniture of the 1950s, is credited with giving a name to the trend in the late 1980s, when there was a resurgence of interest in the style.

Mid-century modernism gave birth to many designs that you’re probably familiar with but might not know by name. The most famous example is the Eameses of the “Eames Chair” fame. This was a lounger / ottoman chair set that “revolutionized” the chair industry. The chair has replicators to this day.

The version of mid-century modernism (modern mid-century modernism?) we often see today is a little different from its true mid-century roots. Today’s movement is environmentally-friendly, promoting the use of recycled materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood.

And a key part in the furniture design that distinguishes it from other styles are “pin legs,” the thin, straight legs seen in some of the images below. 

The mid-century modern style offers a clean, fun and exciting aspect to any design!

Modern Vintage Bathroom Makeover
Danish Mid Century Modern Selig Z Style Teak Lounge Chair                                                                                                                                                                                 More
This chair flaunts a Mid-Century modern design and fresh and clean look for a dining room or living room. These Eames-Inspired chairs are a stylish choice for dining chairs or to stand alone in a livi
Bullet Planters: these are full-sized but just pinned a tutorial on how to do in miniature!
Mid-Century-Modern-Living-Room-in-Lincoln  1958-Mid-Century-Modern-Living-Room-Remodel  Hampstead-Lounge-Midcentury-Living-Room  1958-Mid-Century-Modern-Remodel-Sunroom-Conversion  Remodel-Midcentury-Living-Room-San-Francisco  Midcentury-Modern-Home-Addition  Midcentury-Living-Room-Calgary  Ranch-Midcentury-Living-Room  Midcentury-Living-Room-with-Tan-Sofa  Herne-Hill-Flat-Living-Room-London  Cottage-Mid-Century-Living-Room  South-Austin-Home-Midcentury  Modern-Retro-Midcentury-Living-Room  Vint
Styling your living room? Well, I can’t blame you if you can not develop about the sort of design to use because there are indeed lots of design styles to choose from. It would be easy to choose a modern style these days particularly that furnishings and other items are quickly available in the market. However aside from that, one popular style is midcentury modern.
MID-CENTURY MODERN Credenza:  Danish Modern Side Table, European Beechwood Side Drawer, Retro Sideboard, Modern Cabinet
Перегородка между гостиной и коридором выполнена из древесины дуба на основе подобранного дизайнером графического орнамента. Занавески выполнены из испанских тканей.
Mid Century Revival by The Archers . The house was in disrepair and was torn down to the steel frame and fireplace.
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