Marcel Breuer Cesca Chair – 1928

Marcel Breuer Cesca Chair – 1928

Did you know? “Marcel Breuer designed and built the chair Cesca Chair in 1928 working with the steel tubes with the intention of creating a session that would ensure both comfort and elegance. The use of tubular steel was quite widespread during those years and other designers such as Mart Stam and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, had made extensive use.

The chair was named “Cesca” as a tribute to his daughter named Francesca.

“Michael Thonet (for another history lesson on Thonet, click here) was the first to manufacture the chair in 1928, then known as model B32, for about $24. Thonet produced the chair until World War II. In the 50’s Dino Gavina, a furniture manufacturer in Foligno, Italy, started making the chair with Breuer’s permission, under the name Cesca. In 1968, Knoll Associates, now the Knoll Group, bought the Gavino factory, which conitnures to produce the chair today. About 250,000 Cesca chairs have been sold since 1968, said David Schutte, a product manager at Knoll.

“It’s among the 10 most important chairs of the 20th century,” Said Cara McCarty, associate curator, department of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art. It’s also among the 10 most common.

One of our designers, Logan Ramirez, says that she sees them all the time while thrift shopping. In fact check out this craigslist post! 

If you find a chair that needs some repairing, don’t feel intimidated, check out this video!

Here are some inspiring pictures if you’re looking to 

incorporate the Cesca Chair into your home:


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