Let Some Light In: Floor Lamps That Will Floor You

No room is complete without a good lamp. Even if you have floor-to-ceiling windows, that let in all of the natural light, your space needs a lamp. Give yourself some light once the sun has gone down AND add a little of your personality. With the huge range of lamps available, from companies all over the world, you can find the one that casts the right light and says something about you.

Floor lamps can be divided into three main types: arc lamps, stand lamps, and tripod lamps. Each type comes with its own pros and cons. Choose based on the needs, and style, you have in mind for your space.

Stand Lamps 

This is the most common type of floor lamp – a lamp that stands on it’s own, straight and proud. Because it is the most common, it comes in a range of styles, color, and finishes. You can get interesting, and whimsical, pieces that have the ability to bring a lot of life to your space. Let your personality shine!

Arc Lamp

Arc lamps come with a stand or pedestal that is curved or bent. This is a great option for someone wh o wants the drama of a chandelier or hanging pendant but can’t make it work in the space. The curve of the lamp’s stand allows the light to hang.

An arc lamp will also provide a little more direct light for people sitting on the sofa or at a dining table than a stand lamp – keep that in mind if you are an avid reader. 

Because these lamps take up more space than stand lamps, you need to think about furniture in the room. These lamps look big. You want the ensure the lamp is proportional for the space and doesn’t overwhelm other furniture. 

Tripod Lamps

With the rise in popularity of mid-century modernism, tripod lamps themselves are increasing in popularity. These lamps have three legs, usually made of a wood, and a top-mounted light source. They’re often shorter than stand lamps, and the light they cast is more angled downward; that is, unless you get a la mp with a more novel light source. These lamps work best in corners of rooms, or out of the way of foot traffic. You don’t want to trip over one of the lamp’s legs.

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