La Boheme

Amidst the energetic patterns and bright colors of the modern bohemian aesthetic, there is an order. Perhaps the inherent balance – the ying of untamed energy and the yang of symmetry – is what makes this style so popular.

It could also be the cool rugs.

If you love the serenity and naturalness of the mid-century modern look, but you want to mess up its hair, the modern bohemian look might be the way to go. In these pictures, you’ll recognize a couple of mid-century hallmarks: pin leg furniture, neutral walls, and lots of wood. But you’ll also see some unexpected patterns, shapes, textures, and bursts of colors. 

 The finished space is always fun, yet cool.

If you want to replicate this style, be sure to incorporate these key elements:


Like mid-century modern style, modern bohemian has lots of wood. If you have existing wood beams or rafters, put those on display. Wooden tables, either in the kitchen or the living room, add natural warmth.

 Neutral background palette 

Neutral colors provide a great backdrop for the mix of colors and patterns in the rest of the room.


This can be added with patterned throw pillows, different weaves in fabrics, even baskets.

A Good Rug 

The star of any good bohemian space is the rug. As the star, it need to do a lot of talking. Pick a piece that has bold geometric shapes or lots of texture made by an open-weave and natural fabric choices. 

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