Industry Ed with Richard: Quick Tips Series

In this post I will discuss quick tips that can be helpful when making simple updates to your home or even when full-on remodeling. I will be providing insight on solutions and practices based on my industry experience.

Outdated Brick Fireplaces 

Do you have an old brick fireplace that is looking a little outdated?

This is a kitchen and living room that I helped redesign. The fireplace, as you can see, was looking a little outdated…

Not only can the color and style of the brick become out-of-date, but so can the mantel. But a simple thing can be done to enliven an out-of-date fireplace. 


A very simple way to enliven old brick fireplaces is to fill in the mortar between the bricks. This way, the mortar becomes flush with the face of the brick. This softens the texture and makes the fireplace look a little less busy. Next, just replacing the mantel with a simple timber mantel will do wonders. These days mantels are much less decorative, but not at all less alluring.

I hope you enjoy the information in my blog! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! – Richard

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