Industry Ed with Richard: Kitchen and Bath Guideline Series

In this post we will discuss the NKBA Kitchen and Bathroom Planning Guidelines, by first stating the guidelines and then pointing out their importance and giving insight on solutions and practices based on my industry experience. Find out more about NKBA here.

Radiant Floor Heating

Many times, only when it is cold outside do we think about heat in our bathrooms. Its always good to think ahead of time.


Heat Sources and Standards for your Master Bath

  1. A bathroom heat source should maintain a minimum temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The central unit struggles with this if it is on an outside wall(s). A window(s) make it worse.

  2. Common types of heat sources are: ceiling heat lamps, ceiling heat/vent system, toe kick heater in the base cabinet, wall heater and radiant floor heat.

My Experience

  1. Radiant floor heat is the most comfortable efficient heat source. Imagine getting out of the tub, getting out of the the shower, or waking up in the middle of the night to use the facility and never be cold again.

  2. It is thermostat controlled. The home owner can establish a desired temperature and never have to adjust it. Many systems are left on during the warm months but do not run because it is to warm.

  3. If you have heated floors in the baths and warm blankets on the beds, you can set the central heat system down very low and sometimes off (especially if you live in Louisiana), because you will be dressed or heavily robed around the rest of the house. Many (myself included) don’t like sleeping with heat blowing on them.

  4. Our master bath is 20 years old. It is ready for a face lift. Heated floors is on the top of my Wish List.

I hope you enjoy the information in my blog! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! – Richard

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