Healthy Living Series: Hydration

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a breakfast event “Self-Defense & Healthy Eating 101,” in the hopes that we could educate community members about two vital components of a healthy lifestyle. I spoke briefly about some basic techniques that might help in volatile situations, and Roy Domangue of Wooden Creations, Inc. was kind enough to share his story.

Roy is battling cancer and is focused on maintaining a healthy diet. The top priority of that diet is proper hydration and maintaining a balanced pH level in the body.

We learn from an early age that our bodies comprise mostly of water.

Staying hydrated should be a priority for everyone. A common question is, “How much water should I drink per day?”. The amount of water in ounces is equal to your weight in pounds divided by two.

Be careful not to exceed 100 ounces unless under intense heat. It’s also important to remember when consuming caffeinated beverages, you should drink more water to help neutralize the acidic effects.

In terms of digestion, try not to drink anything in the minutes leading up to and after a meal. During a meal, drink only four ounces of water. Chew in small bites. To further aid in digestion and hydration, eat unprocessed goods with high water content.

Different food and drink also affect the pH level in your body. Maintaining a balanced pH is vital for your immune and digestive systems to function properly. The next blog post in this series will focus on how healthy eating can help you keep a balanced pH.

This post is the first in the “Healthy Living Series”. Special thanks to Roy Domangue for sharing his story and the information shown here.

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