• Richard L. Ourso

Guide to Pantry Layouts

The pantry is the unseen key to an exceptional kitchen design. Between a well-organized pantry and an efficient kitchen, your cooking, cleaning and coffee-making becomes effortless.

Let's begin with placement. Where the pantry is located depends on the design of the kitchen and the preferences of the homeowner.

Some will want a completely separate pantry room to maintain a cohesive kitchen, while others will want to incorporate the pantry into the kitchen for ease of access.

In some cases the pantry isn't even a separate room but rather a large cabinet or pull-out. This can make for some really cool features in kitchens with less space.

Next let's talk about shelves. It's important to include both deep and shallow shelving to maximize your efficiency.

Narrow shelves are great for smaller items such as jars and cans. This will ensure that your items are always front and center and not lost in the back depths of the shelves.

Deeper shelves, on the other hand, are great for storing appliances and large kitchenware such as serving platters.

It's also important to include different shelf heights to accommodate taller items. Adjustable shelves are excellent in that regard.

We always like to include some pull-out drawers in a pantry to allow for deeper shelf storage that doesn't lose ease of access.

The most underultilized space in most kitchens and pantries is definitely the corners. While corners can be tricky, they are great spot for rotating shelf storage.

Wire baskets and clear containers are also recommended for a great pantry.

Pull-out wire baskets are perfect for bags of chips or loose produce. They also allow for more air circulation to keep perishable items a little more fresh.

Clear plastic containers are great for dry goods like rice, cereal, flour, and other bulk food items. They keep everything visible and well-organized.

If you have the space, it's also nice to include some countertop area in the pantry to allow for any quick food prep or drop-off that you may require.

We hope you found our pantry layout guide educational and inspiring. Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pantry design. The layout will depend on the size and style of the kitchen as well as the individual preferences of the homeowner.

You can check out some of our favorite pantries from our portfolio here on our website or on Houzz or Facebook.

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