Goodbye, 2018. Hello, New Year!

With less than a month left in 2018, we thought this would be a great opportunity to look at all that made this year merry and bright. It is, after all, that time of year! Take a look at the best of 2018, and get a sneak peek at what we think will be big in the New Year.

Top Posts of 2018

What was trendy in 2018, you ask? Small pools and ombre interiors, among other things. Click the links to reread this year’s best blog posts.

Small Pools

You don’t need to go Olympic-sized to have a great escape from the summer heat. These tiny pools give you relief while working with the size of your yard.

Divide & Conquer: Partition Walls

Sometimes, you want lots of space. Sometimes, you want to feel cozy. Partition walls help you have the best of both worlds.

Let There Be Skylight

Let the light shine on you.

Trend Alert: Ombre Interiors

Love them, hate them, ombre interiors made a big splash this year.

2019 Predictions 

We’re already looking ahead to 2019. This is what we think will be hot in interior design in the year to come.


Last year was all about spice: fiery Caliente and bold Ultra Violet were the top colors. This year, though, major companies are going for a more subdued, sophisticated look in their paint choices.

Behr’s top pick for the year is Blueprint S470-5, an approachable cool blue color that compliments pretty much any other color. Benjamin Moore went with Metropolitan, a stylish off-white with rich grey tones, reminiscent of Eggshell. And among Pantone’s picks for the year are Soybean – a subtle, buttery white – and Brown Granite – an earthy grey-brown tone.

The Verdict: Stick to tried-and-true neutrals for walls, carpets, and ceilings. If you’re all about that pop of color, work it in with accessories or furniture. You want you home to feel clean, calm, and modern. 


For the last several years, mid-century modern has been king. While the clean lines and natural influences of mid-century modern will continue to be important, we think that 2019 will be a little funkier. 

If you take a look at Boho style, you’ll notice a few familiar things: clean lines, natural materials, a blend of form and function. Yes, it is a lot like mid-century modern. Where the two styles differ is in boldness. Boho favors brighter colors, fun patterns, and rich textures. Also, you can’t go Boho without at least one sheepskin piece. 

Also on the fun side – this new trend of subtle 70s style. Hello, velvet and floral patterns! 

Lots of manufacturers are looking to make more sustainable products by making changes to their materials, sourcing, and manufacturing processes. We love this eco-friendly trend; what’s good for your design scheme can also be good for the earth. 

Last but not least, more and more people are looking for their rooms, and furniture, to do double duty. Manufacturers are welcoming these desires by creating pieces that are both beautiful and multifunctional. These pieces make the best use of your space; if you’re on the tiny house trend, or if you’re just into downsizing, this trend is for you!Your coffee table doesn’t just have to hold books and drinks; it can also convert to a desk for those nights when you have to take work home. 

The Verdict: We love mid-century modern, but maybe it is time to leave in the last century.  


2019’s biggest accessories will be a mixture of old and new. Old: terrazzo. Yes, that 30s staple is back. Advances in manufacturing have given buyers a wider selection of looks and finishes, from positively kitschy to on-par-with-granite elegance. Also, geometric patterns, which have been a staple in the design world for many years, continue to be popular. New: artisanal fixtures. Bold metal accents, blown glass features, and hand made accessories will elevate the look of light fixtures in 2019.

The Verdict: Your options may be unlimited, but it is never a bad thing to stick with what you know. 

What do you think is going to be big in 2019? Share your opinion on our Facebook page. Include the tag #2019forecast.

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