Fireplaces Are Hot

If you’ve made your way outside this morning, you might have been reminded winter is not over yet. Even though the cold weather persists, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel… the light from a fireplace, that is! When the chill keeps us indoors, there is nothing better than the warmth and coziness of a fire to brighten your mood. An important thing to remember about your fireplace: even though its in use only a few months of the year, it is always the focal point of a room. If you want to leave guests with a lasting impression, no matter what the season, pick a fireplace that is going to be HOT all year round.

Here’s a few fireplaces from Ourso Designs:

  1. Mantel from The Olde Mill, an Ourso Designs’ sister company. 

  1. Mantel from The Olde Mill, an Ourso Designs’ sister company. 

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