Factory Cabinets: Transforming the Industry

Over the years, the kitchen cabinet industry has transformed and advanced greatly by modular, factory-produced cabinets. Factory-produced cabinets are sold in modular units which are essentially individual boxes that are arranged together to make a set of cabinets. Factory cabinets have shorter lead times, lower price points and come pre-finished. Not only has their efficiency made them a popular choice, but many times they lend a more modern look that is preferred these days.

Other advantages include:

  1. the cabinets receive a durable finish that resists stains from food and liquids

  2. cabinets are built using uniform construction methods and factory materials, as well as individual cabinet sizing, which reduces imperfections

  3. many factory cabinet companies offer long term or limited lifetime warranties

  4. wide selection of wood species and paint finishes

  5. some factory cabinet lines are semi-custom and provide extra detailing options

Although factory-built cabinets have many advantages, custom cabinets are completely customizable that can lend itself to a more unique design. This can also be very conducive when adding to your already existing cabinetry. There are no limitations in layout and design, but this option tends to run higher in price and has longer lead times.

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