Designing Your Perfect Pantry

The pantry is the one place in the kitchen that always looks crowded until you stick your nose in for a snack. All of a sudden, it feels empty, and you feel disappointed. Only some of that disappointment is from your empty stomach, while the rest is probably coming from the frustration of not finding what you need. Pantries often end up serving as the junk drawer of the kitchen, with items constantly being tossed in and quickly forgotten.

Luckily, you have designers who work tirelessly to make your kitchen experience as painless as possible. With the proper design and technology, organizing your pantry is easier than ever.

First, consider your space. Can your floor plan accommodate a walk-in pantry? If your kitchen has the space for it, we would recommend setting one up. Not only does this separate your kitchen work space from your storage, but it will also help you compartmentalize the pantry itself.

Absolutely make sure you run electrical to your walk-in. Obviously lighting is required, but you’ll want to be able to run a vacuum and other appliances. You should also have some sort of counter top for setting down your groceries. While not strictly necessary, a counter will save you countless trips back and forth, and give you a surface for any prep work that doesn’t require the kitchen.

Keep some shelves open for potatoes, onions, and other goods that still need exposure to the air. If the walls in your walk-in pantry aren’t deep enough for full shelves, consider using slat wall panels for adjustable hanging hooks and shelves.

For those without the space for a walk-in pantry, cabinets will have to do. Pull-out and swing-out shelves can help maximize your storage space and minimize your time spent stretching your arms to reach that last can of beans. Even the peskiest corner cabinet can be an efficient pantry with the installation of a Lazy Susan.

For those who need just a little more storage space, some cabinets come with shelves built in to the interior of the doors. We also like to include some vertical tray storage for cooking sheets that aren’t being used. In the end, finding the right combination of counters, shelves, pull-outs, swing-outs, and Lazy Susans all depends on the location and use of your pantry.


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