Crown, Molding, and Trim, Oh My!

So you’ve finally decided on the color to paint your room’s walls… If that wasn’t hard enough, now you have to pick paint colors for your trim, doors, crown, ceiling, and other moldings. We know color coordinating can be one of the hardest parts of design. To help you through this process, here are some of the guidelines we like to follow:

1. “When in doubt… just paint it all the same color?”

  1. No, but really. The 1 – color (not)combination. A solid pallet can be very impactful. Especially when you have a lot of detailed molding. You might be thinking the detail of the moldings would become less defined, but these pictures will show you otherwise.

2. “But, shouldn’t the trim be lighter than the walls?”

  1.  That is definitely the most common practice, and a good one! The 2 – color combination. Make your walls one color, and all your trim, doors, crown, and ceiling another.

  1. The inversion of that is great too! Make your trim, doors, crown, and ceiling a little (or a lot) darker than your walls.

  1. Taking it outside of common practice, you could paint all your walls, trim, and doors one color, and your crown and ceiling another. This is good for tall ceilings.

  1. A more modern touch would be to paint your ceiling, walls, and crown one color, and all your trim, doors, and molding the other.

3. “So, your telling me the crown doesn’t have to match the trim?”

  1. The crown doesn’t have to match trim, or the walls. Here we have the 3 – color combination. The trim, doors, and molding are one color, the walls another, and the ceiling and crown another. 

4. “Why is that door not the same color as the trim?”

  1. Just to throw this in there… it’s become a trend to paint all the doors in your house a different color from the trim. It’s a really cool trend!

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