bring on the blues!

This year’s color to decorate with is indigo!  Everywhere I turn I see blue, from fashion to interior design.  Although the pantone color of the year is radiant orchid, we are still seeing blue as the number 1 decorating color.  

Blue evokes feelings of calm and freshness, and represents strength and dependability. Think of the sky and ocean. The beauty of blue is the elemental color’s amazing versatility. A high-energy shade of blue, like sapphire, can add a bold punch of energy to a room, while a light sky blue on the walls can make a space feel tranquil. Darker shades like navy can offer drama, while paler shades can make small spaces feel larger. The effect depends on the tone of blue. Since blue is associated with calmness, it works well in a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, all rooms where one goes to relax. Different shades of light blue can be used for ceilings to mimic the sky, making a room feel larger.

Bring these beautiful colors into your home with a few accessories.  Using accessories to update your look is easy and affordable.

1. Modernist Vases 2. Mid-Century Inspired Soapstone Sculpture 3. Decorative Throw Pillow 4. Dinner Plates 5. Decorative Pillow 6. Original Artwork 7. Lamp Shade

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