And He said Let there be SkyLight

Skylights are an effective way to bring natural light into a space in a interesting way. As well, they can make a big difference in making the space feel more open. The sky is endless, and including skylights makes your ceiling endless too.

Skylights got a bad reputation in the 70s & 80s because of all the potential problems they had: leaking, sweating, rotting, cracking (just to name a few). But from the ashes we rise… a lot has been learned and skylights today are made better than ever. Many companies today are selling reputable and quality skylights. These skylights also come with a lot of technology we didn’t see in the 70s and 80s, like shading systems, rain censors, and venting units. 

Visually, you will find they are becoming very clean-lined and seamless. In general, there has been a movement (away from the 70s & 80s) to obscure the (literal) wall between the interior and exterior. More and more, we are bringing nature into the home, with plants, windows, and SKYLIGHTS. The more seam-less the skylight, the more obscure the exterior is from the interior!

Good places to incorporate skylights:

  1. interior rooms – rooms that do not have access to exterior walls for windows, like foyers, stairwells and hallways

  2. additions – often times, with an addition you will be extending that roof line out (and down) which can diminish the amount of light available to the space, a skylight can really keep that space open

  3. kitchens – this can really open up your kitchen to nature, as well has create good focal areas for parts of the room (over the island/dining area)

  4. bathrooms – bathrooms are often smaller rooms in the house, incorporating skylights can really open these small spaces up – a great place to incorporate them is over an otherwise dark shower

  5. upstairs bedrooms – some times these rooms have strong pitched ceilings – once again, this is a great way to open up a small or cramped space

Some things to consider when choosing/installing your skylight:

  1. get it from a good source

  2. consider how you plan to clean it as well as shade it

  3. consider your coordinates and the direction the sun will shine throughout the day

  4. have an experienced professional install it

  5. most skylights are meant to be installed on sloped roofs of at least 15 degrees

  6. incorporate the proper flashing neccessary

With all that in mind, here are a few skylights you won’t be able to live without. And then He said let there be SKY-light!

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